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I dreamt I was a young boy riding on a bicycle in the countryside. I rode down a dirt path that lead to the ashes of a family home that had burnt down a long time ago. The place felt familiar to me. I jumped off my bike and, like most kids would do, started to fossick through the ashes for hidden treasures. I dug up a very badly burnt book. Its cover and all the outer pages had been burnt away that would have explain the books title. I thumbed through it and its stories and they seemed familiar so I decided to keep it and study it later.

I suddenly felt uneasy and looked up and spied a large school made completely of glass. I rode over and saw small children being treated cruelly by giant adults. I felt sad. I realised the children were all my brothers and sisters and I wanted to help them escape. Also I wondered why I was so lucky to be free outside the school.

The first part of the dream was about me starting to rediscover who I was. When we incarnate to earth we soon forget who we are. It was like who I been had been had been erased, but if I looked deeply enough I’d rediscover it.

That’s half of what A History of Angels is about.

I slowly come out of a deep sleep and find my sense of self and intent again. Also I understood that these large adults were the ones who had burnt my family home down to erase any trace of who I and my brothers and sisters were.

That leads to the second part of the book. It is about that glass school of harsh lessons that was more like a prison with powerful cruel beings in charge. That’s why Gabriel told me about the modern history of angels, fallen and gods. It inspired my desire to help people I really care about trapped in this existence. It’s like I’d been away and had arrived late so missed out on being trapped in the school. I know that this interpretation may differ from the one in the manuscript. But my artwork, writings, dreams and visions divulge new gems of insight each time I look back at them. I call that “gleaning.’


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