The Four Spoked Wheel

In the second book in The Gabriel Trilogy, Rodford Belcher looks at the four aspects of the self which are also major energies that influence our lives. We can either work with them when the opportunity arises or ignore them and find failure, frustration and suffering at every turn. Archangel Gabriel calls these forces The Four Spoked Wheel.

Rodford asked Gabriel, “Why is it so hard for most people to make good things happen in their lives?” He replied that it’s to do with ego and how it always wants to strive heedlessly ahead seeking it’s endless goals. That it robs soul of the true possibilities on offer and the energies behind them to make them happen.

Gabriel used the analogy of how our soul is like a sailor on the vast oceans of the Void. Its small sailing boat is its embodiment here on earth. He compared the forces of The Four Spoked Wheel to the elements of nature, the prevailing winds and tides that have to be worked with when sailing through life. Fighting them can lead to being shipwrecked, exhaustion, disillusionment and feeling broken. If we follow this pattern we will sink down into the depths of the Void like a vast ships’ graveyard of broken dreams.

But what if we learn to recognize when these energies are at work in our lives? Then we’d have the beautiful feeling of being supported by the vastest energies in the universe.






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